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Over the course of various trades and conversion projects, I've managed to build up a stockpile of things I don't really need any more... so I've decided to join in the Wargames Currency Exchange in order to make some use of it. If there's anything I have that you want, or things that I want that you have... just shout and we will see what can be worked out :)

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Items for sale/trade

Jugula - £75+p&p the lot.

- 8 gladiators
- spare weapons & transfers
- Deluxe gaming mat


Aleph - Marut (partially pinned, all parts complete)
Aleph - Deva w. Spitfire (unbuilt, no box) 
Aleph - Naga w. sniper rifle (unbuilt, no box) 
Aleph - Deva functionary w. combirifle (unbuilt, no box)
Aleph - Dasyu w. combirifle (unbuilt, no box) 
Aleph - Rebots 1x HMG, 1x Missile (unbuilt, some cleanup done to bodies)
Aleph - Achilles (unbuilt, no box)
PanOceania - Jotum (NIB)
Combined - Shasvastii expeditionary force (unbuilt, no box. Pin in knee of 1 seed soldier for basing)
Merc - Father Lucien Sforza (NIB)
Merc - Senor Massacre (NIB
Merc - Avicenna (NIB
Merc - Valerya Gromoz (NIB)

Dasyu w. chainrifle (built/undercoated)
Myrmidons x4 (built) 
Myrmidons x4 (built/undercoated) 
Naga sniper (built/undercoated)
Rebot (buit, no base)
Dasyu hacker (built/undercoated, no hair)
Daikini combirifle x2 (built)
Garuda combirifle 

Warhammer 40k 

  • Dark Vengeance Chaplain (on sprue)
  • 6th Edition Psychic cards (Core & Chaos)
  • 5th Edition Tyranids codex (perfect condition)
  • Battle Missions (perfect condition)
  • Metal Vostroyan standard bearer (undercoated)
  • Metal Vostroyan grenade launcher (undercoated)
  • Metal Catachan sergeant (bolt pistol/chainsword) (unpainted)
  • Metal Catachan Lieutenant w. bolter (unpainted)
  • Metal Catachan loader (unpainted)
  • Metal Tallarn melta (unpainted)
  • Metal Tallarn loader x3 (unpainted)
  • Metal Tallarn sergeant w. sword & plasma pistol x2 (unpainted)
  • Metal Tallarn lasguns x8 (various poses, unpainted)
  • 1 2nd Ed Blood Angels Death Company Chaplain (unpainted)
  • Dark Heresy - Damned Cities - Haarlock Legacy book 2 (perfect condition)
  • Dark Heresy - The Black Sepulchre - Apostate Gambit book 1 (perfect condition)

Warhammer Fantasy

  • 7th Edition Empire book (perfect condition)


  • Plague starter (some built, 1 semi painted)
  • Enforcer starter & cards (some built)
  • 5x zombies (built & undercoated)
  • All KS Recon level characters (unbuilt, still in bag, missing Enforcer character)
  • 10x plastic enforcers (still on sprue/in bag)

Other bits

  • Mixed bag of bases (25mm , scenic 25mm and flying)
  • Mixed bag of bases (20mm square)
  • 5 female Grymn (unpainted)
  • Avalon Hill's Starship Troopers
  • Descent 2nd Edition + upgrade cards for 1st Edition


  • Draw: The greatest gunfights of the American west, by James Reasoner
Items I'm interested in at the moment are:
  • Bolt Action partizans
  • Saga Normans  
  • 2x Small (10 man) squad of French Napoleonic infantry for Sharpe Practice
  • Small (10 man) squad of 95th Rifles for Sharpe Practice
  • Small (10 man) squad of napoleonic Spanish partizans
  • Warhammer or Heresy Ghouls
  • Viking/Norman/Revenant/Jomsviking Saga dice
  • Saga Revenant battleboard
  • Dungeon furniture
  • 28mm roman gladiators

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