Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Old world, New world

One of my first role-play experiences was with GW's WFRP, so when a friend's son asked to play his first ever roleplaying session for his birthday it seemed a no-brainer that it should be WFRP. Amusingly, this came just after the announcement that Cubicle7's new edition comes out in June at UK Games Expo.

Sadly this is a few weeks after Dec's birthday, so I'm going to have to start an intro session with 2nd edition. If things go well and there are requests for more sessions, I'll try and switch to the new one. My only sadness is that there still isn't a release date (or in fact any news) for the Age of Sigmar rpg set yet as this would have been my preference. I was a big disappointed when the Old World got blown up, but the more I read the AoS books the more I'm enjoying the fresh start to Warhammer and all the crazy stuff they are coming out with. Cities on the back of giant worms; blind, underwater elves with giant turtles and dwarves in flying ships... it is going more and more Moorecock with each release. While we wait for that book to drop, I'm going to try updating some of the Old World adventures to be set in the new Realms.

The plus side to this is that I get to spend my evenings in hotels at the moment doing a bit of writing towards this.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Resuming blogging

It I about time I started writing stuff down. Sadly I missed the last few weeks of the APC this year and dropped in the rankings. I had grand plans to finish lots of different projects, but in the end got sidetracked with a number of new clients at work that required travel. Thankfully I did manage to close off a couple of projects and start the long awaited terrain project. The full gallery of bits and pieces can be found on my Google Photos.

The plus side to this year is that I have already achieved two of my secret goals. The first was to get one of my figures up on the GW main site. You can still see it there along side the official Great Unclean One images :D

The second was to actually enter a painting competition in my local GW. Just after the end of APC they ran a competition where everyone had to paint the special edition terminator captain. I was the only one that did any updates to the figure, by including the Deathwatch pad and icon on the Iron Halo.

I'm very pleased to say that he came in second place, much to the slight disgust (I'm sure) of all the regulars as I only ever go in to buy paint and leave straight away. They must have been "Who is this guy and why is he entering our competition?!" The guy who came in first had done some very very smooth transitions on the armour and some freehand iconography, so I'm not surprised he came in first. People did assume the shoulder pad on mine was a transfer though, which is a nice compliment. I wasn't convinced the red circle was quite good enough, which is why there are scratches and chips all over it.

Next self-challenge is to enter more of the local competitions and improve the smoothness of the painting a bit more.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas cheer

A big thank you to my Secret Santa and Santa Clause people! This morning I opened up some great additions to the Frostgrave project. Two wonderfully painted heroes and some of the new metal goblins, one of which will be the musician entry for the AHPC music round

Happy Christmas!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Challenge prep.... 4 days and counting

This morning I've been doing some spreadsheet magic to work out what I have lined up for the challenge and when some of them should be done by... probably not as detailed as some of yours, but hey. At least it is better than every other year, which is just a box of undercoated figures and last minute panics when I forget to do one of the bonus round entries. If I can get all of this done, then I'll have made great strides in knocking a number of projects off the list... most of which started in previous challenges.

At present a number of my items rely upon the weather getting a little warmer so I can spend some time outside undercoating and cutting things up. These things are not allowed in the house and I've not yet set up a small airbrush booth for undercoating in my office... so cold spray cans it is :/

With the inclusion of terrain this year, I'm interested to see what starts appearing in some of the entries. I know there are one or two little bits in my list to work on.

Monday, 4 December 2017

Painting challenge 8

The countdown to the 2017/18 Painting Challenge is on, but I have no real clue what to do about the themes yet. I have a pile of things left over from last year that need looking at... as well as things from the previous two and new projects that were added this year. Oh dear. I need to sort that list and shorten it considerably!

The special challenges this year are interesting, and fairly easy to achieve with the painting queue
  • Flight
  • Big Freakin' Gun 
  • Music/Musician
  • Childhood
  • Monstrous
With the added bonus of Monstrous also being the Curtgeld. Believe it or not, I think I have entries for all of those without buying anything else. That can't be right, surely?

The addition of terrain to this year's available entries is also an interesting addition. I wonder how much of my planned gaming table I can fit into the challenge? Sadly this actually requires there to be some decent weather so I can sit outside with the foam cutter for a few hours... we shall see.

I think this year I may try the spreadsheet plan that others have as I'm likely to wander off topic very quickly if I don't. 

I also think I am taking part in a Bloodbowl side challenge, but I've lost the thread on Facebook to confirm if this is still happening. 

Saturday, 4 November 2017

You're a little tall for a dwarf...

This week some of the new Oathbreaker dwarves arrived to have a play with. Really liking these new figures, especially the plastic kit. Starting left to right, we have the freebie dwarf that comes with the early boxes of plastics. Next we have the dwarf king, the mage/crow master and finally one of the plastic figures.

Out of this lot, the mage is my favourite and will be able to do double duty as a sage or a crow master for Frostgrave

I was planning on using these alongside my Saga Vikings as a force for Forgotten Realms, but was just a little surprised to see how tiny the Gripping Beast plastics are compared to these dwarves...

The dwarf does have the integrated base still attached, which gives him a little boost in height, but the Saga plastics look like they may have to be used as dwarf younglings who have yet to grow a beard... they certainly can't be used as humans. Thankfully the dwarf scales really nicely next to the Frostgrave plastics and will allow for a lot of conversions

Thursday, 2 November 2017

And now for something completely different

In a change to the current schedule, for the first time in what feels like ages... I had a coupe of days off work this week and took the opportunity to make a start on some new terrain. Now I have a table, I needed some buildings to go on it! This is the second 4Ground building that I've put together. This one is much much better than the bombed ww2 building. The detailing and fits seem much better.

The forge and chimney consists of about 35 pieces alone! The building is going to be set into some hex shaped bases so that it will slot nicely into my table when it starts going together. While the kit is very pretty, it feels too clean and needs some of the roof tidying up, so I've started hacking this thing up already. The sharp corners to the brickwork on the forge are being roughed up  a bit to make it look less neat. I need to find some time at the weekend to practice with the foam cutter to make the tiles. Once I have the base, the painting can start on the forge...

Some of the Oathsworn dwarves turned up today as well. These are quite a nice kit with plenty of options to make up various troop types from Frostgrave as well. Not quite as many little optional bits as the others, but this is intended to be ranks of infantry rather than skirmish based. The parts will scale well though, so making them more personalised will be easy enough with leftover bits. I grabbed a coupe of the metal figures too, which are excellent as a Heritor, Mage or Crow master. Looking forward to fiddling with these kits.